HR Consulting on a Human Scale

Robinson Consulting Services (RCS) is a full-service, full-cycle human resources firm that provides services to businesses (B2B). We offer an array of HR and operational services that impact the bottom-line of the organization.  Services include HR project management, recruitment/staffing (85% placement rate), training and development, HR auditing, exit interviews and more. In addition, we provide executive coaching and personalized career coaching to individuals (B2C) with an 80% placement rate. Our clients see immediate results when working with our team of consultants. Try our services today and see what other clients have been experiencing!

Helping People Find the Right Companies & Companies Find the Right People

At RCS, we assist job seekers and companies moving through all phases of the human resources spectrum: employees coming in, businesses developing staff, and former employees transitioning out of the company and moving on to a new opportunity. We assist companies with designing strategies to fit their recruitment model, build on how to retain talent with the management team and if needed design exit strategies. We support our clients at all levels and that is what makes us unique!

We call what we do full-service, full-cycle consulting and coaching. Our clients are businesses large and small in various industries ( non-profit, local government, high-tech, healthcare, etc.)  Our history has seen us through a combined 75 years of change in the employment marketplace. Our focus is on people—those dealing with change in challenging times, whether they are corporate employees, transitioning employees, or simply people looking forward to their next big career move. 

RCS has assisted or worked with individuals at the following companies and organizations.