Sometimes while one is in career transition, you may need to make money while you are waiting to land your dream job, or do something to keep yourself from going stir-crazy. How about looking into starting a home based business centered on your interests, hobbies, or perhaps a service you currently provide your friends. This may be a good time to start thinking outside of the box a bit.

Try brainstorming a bit on things you enjoy doing that may possibly generate income. Have you always enjoyed sewing, crocheting, or making gift baskets for friends? Chances are that at some point a friend or colleague has suggested you do this as a business. This may also be a good time to consider if there is something that you frequently do to assist a busy friend. For example, are you frequently taking neighbors children or parents to activities or appointments, picking up your sister’s clothes from the cleaners or helping your best friend organize her closet? Running errands for people may be something that you may consider doing as a business.

Think about the professional skills you have developed and how they may assist a small business owner. This may be an opportunity to focus on the aspects of your career you enjoyed the most. Do you enjoy editing, creating presentations, reconciling month end expenses and revenue? These are just a few things, but the possibilities are endless.

These are some ideas on things that may be done independently or as part-time work. The important thing to remember is to keep an open mind and start pursuing your passions.