Many people think that they should update their resume only when they are in career transition. But in today’s marketplace of the job search, it is important to keep your resume updated at all times, whether you are working or not. Noted below are the top 10 reasons why you should start updating your resume while you are still working in the job market. get from here

1. You may want to target internal positions.

2. You may want to explore external positions.

3. You will do a better job networking and marketing your skills.

4. Your current employer’s business needs may change and they may no longer need your services.

5. The resume can help you determine your salary worth in today’s job market place.

6. You’ll be prepared if you are contacted by a recruiter as a passive job seeker.

7. Your current manager may leave and may take you with them to the next job.

8. You may decide to start your own business/freelance work.

9.  An updated resume will help you determine your areas for development.

10. An updated resume and will help you build your confidence in this competitive marketplace and will help you interview better.

If you agree with any of the reasons above, then you should contact Robinson Consulting Services to get started with the resume renovation process today! Once you have completed your resume you as passive job seeker will feel more confident, if approached by in employer. Let us add RCS streamline your process with getting your resume completed. You may contact us here or call (866) 861-1821.