Rebranding is a method that companies have used for years to market new products and services to customers. Branding also helps you to reinvent yourself in the marketplace. So why don’t individuals rebrand themselves? Do they know the importance of rebranding themselves in career transition? Let me share with you 5 reasons you should rebrand yourself if you are considering career transition at this time.

1. You may be choosing to enter into a new field or a new industry. It will be important to show how your transferable skills will help you enter this new field or new industry.

2. Rebranding is key when you are networking. As you reach back and connect with former contacts in your network they may only be aware of the positions that you held in the past and not what you have been doing recently in your career.

3. You may find in today’s marketplace that rebranding is imperative because the marketplace has changed. For example, the position or positions that you have held in the past are no longer in high demand.

4. You may want to highlight a new skill set that could be valuable to an employer.

5. Your brand should never expire! When you do a good job networking in your job search people will correlate your brand to opportunities that exist in the marketplace. Make your brand stand out!

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