1. Classify all employees as “Exempt”, whether they are or not.
  2. Identify all staff as Independent Contractors because having employees is too much trouble.
  3. Be nice to employees-let them take lunch whenever they want to or not at all and not getting paid for hours worked.
  4. Don’t bother providing Harassment and Discrimination training to Managers and Supervisors. They won’t need the information.
  5. Let employees decide which hours and how many they want to work each day.
  6. Terminate any employee who takes a Leave of Absence, whatever the reason. It’s too much trouble.
  7. Don’t give employees their final check if they fail to return company property.
  8. Provide loans to employees and deduct the money from their paycheck each pay period.
  9. Use non-compete agreements to protect confidential information. These generally don’t stand up in court.
  10. Terminations handled inappropriately.