The holidays are coming… but are you really ready to shop yourself, your skills and abilities? Most employers are already thinking about the upcoming holidays and have already started their marketing strategies to increase sales. Most job seekers think they should not continue their job search during the holiday season but I would differ. So, how do you plan to increase your marketing efforts as a job seeker? There are at least five marketing strategies that you must consider this year in your job search efforts.

1.  Determine your brand-what are you selling? If you have not determined the types of positions that you are targeting it’s time to step back in your job search and focus on your target positions.

2.  Create your commercial-what makes you unique? It is important that you create a commercial that is going to be your sales pitch for your job search. So why should an employer hire you? What makes you unique to your competition? You must be able to answer these questions in today’s competitive marketplace.

3.  Make sales calls-do you network? More than 80% of job seekers find their next opportunity through networking. Are you networking and where are you networking for your job search? Identifying specific places to network online and in person is key for your job search.

4.  Create a marketing plan-who is your audience? Identifying your target audience is going to help you streamline your process in your job search. The marketing plan is a document that you should share with people in your network. You will find out about more job leads quicker and receive potential interviews by utilizing this document.

5.  Close the sale-are you ready to interview? Conducting a mock interview with a career coach will help to prepare you for those upcoming interviews. By knowing how to answer questions appropriately and knowing which questions asked during an interview could be the difference of you closing the sale and landing the new job.

By starting on these five strategies now you to will get ahead of your competition. You will be ready to increase your marketing efforts during the holiday season while most of your competition is not marketing at all! Contact us at Robinson Consulting Services to schedule an appointment to speak with a career coach to further assist you with your job search. You may contact us here or call (866) 861-1821.