Are you worried about poor network while travelling to a remote location? You may not be able to use the Internet since there is a low connection. Facebook has come up with the best solution so as to overcome this problem. Facebook has finally launched ‘Facebook Lite’ for all the Android 2G users who are facing poor network issue at remote locations, informative post. Facebook Lite, which is an Android app for 2G users, is now available in India for the low-end Android devices. Facebook has officially launched the 2G-friendly ‘Facebook Lite’ Android app in India and the Philippines. Facebook is planning to launch it many other parts of Latin America, Africa and Europe in the succeeding weeks.

Facebook Lite App is now available in India

‘Facebook Lite’ Offers Four Vital Services on Facebook

‘Facebook Lite’ which is an Android app utilises limited data usage which is less than half of a megabyte of data and charges less for those in emerging markets. ‘Facebook Lite’ that has been launched by the giant social network Facebook supports few vital services on its site. This app requires just a storage space of 430KB. The Android-based app mainly focuses on four vital services on Facebook:

  • News Feed
  • Status Updates
  • Notifications
  • Messages & Photos
  • Facebook Lite App officially Launched in India

Facebook Lite app supports photos but not videos and other advanced location services. This app is supported on all the devices running on Android 2.2 and higher versions. You can even access Facebook pages and groups along with a complete Search feature. If you have an installed Facebook Lite Android app on your device, it loads faster on 2G networks.

Vijay Shankar, the Product Manager for Facebook Lite, said: “According to GSMA data, nearly 80 per cent of Indians are on 2G and hence we want to ease the Facebook interactive experience for them.”

“There was a demand for this product and we decided to do our research and development before developing a separate app that will cater to the demand and also update itself as time goes by. In many areas, networks can be slow and not able to support all the functionality found in Facebook for Android” Shankar added.

You can download ‘Facebook Lite’ Android app from Google Play if you’re in India or the Philippines. If you stay at some other location other than India and Philippines, you can download available APKs from APKMirror.