We have 6 tips for making your workplace a better one.

  1. Give jobs meaning

Why is this position/job important in the organization? How does it add impact to the bottom line? When employees understand this they take pride in their work and perform better.

  1. Build trust

Train your employees well on the front end and Trust they can do their job going forward. When you trust your employee will make good decisions or trust that they will ask for assistance when needed your employees will be more confident in their decision making and you will be able to rest during vacation.

  1. Hire people better than you

A good leader always hires someone that has strong attributes and skills than themselves. This helps to make a good team. It’s important to be confident in yourself as a leader and hire highly skilled individuals to compliment your own developmental areas.

  1. Pay “unfairly”

Is paying for performance a bad thing? No…let’s reward employees based on their performance. Offering the same merit increase across the board does not elevate your high performers in the department. In fact, you could lose your Hi-Po’s to another organization because their performance is not being recognized by merit or recognition. Be careful that you do not cross the line of paying unfairly based on interpersonal skills.  A compension plan should be designed and communicated to all employees to ensure that pay is not based on factors other than performance.

  1. Offer a nudge

On average, it takes 6-months to learn a new position; however, it can take some employees longer to learn a new position. A way to decrease the learning curve is to encourage new employees to networking within. Meeting employees in other departments and connecting their job to the organization is quite essential to the productivity of the organization. Encourage employees to ask questions, request technology or systems that will make their jobs easier to perform and you will see the stress level decrease for new employees.

  1. Repeat

Managers create the cultural work environment in their department; whether good or bad.  Employees want to work in an environment that makes them happy and to feel connected to the organization. Implement this 6-step process during the performance evaluation meeting with all employees this year. As a manager, your work is never done!