Happy at Work?

We have 6 tips for making your workplace a better one.

Give jobs meaning

Why is this position/job important in the organization? How does it add impact to the bottom line? When employees understand this they take pride in their work and perform better.

Build trust

Train your employees well on […]

Bring Your Parent to Work Day!

As the Gen Ys take on their first professional position in the workforce, some companies are implementing “Bring Your Parents to Work Day” into their organization as a means to increase employee morale and subsequently boost productivity and retention. Helicopter parents are so involved with their children’s lives that […]


This guide will help you comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, conduct credit background check and run a criminal check to avoid negligent-hiring lawsuits.

Employers and HR professionals should make it their policy never to hire a candidate without an employment background check. Your organization could be held liable […]

The Top 10 Things Employers Do to Get Sued


Classify all employees as “Exempt”, whether they are or not.
Identify all staff as Independent Contractors because having employees is too much trouble.
Be nice to employees-let them take lunch whenever they want to or not at all and not getting paid for hours worked.
Don’t bother providing Harassment and Discrimination training […]

Atlanta is Ranked #14-Best Places to Work!

To all that live in Atlanta, the job market is looking up! Read this great article by Forbes.



Rebranding is a method that companies have used for years to market new products and services to customers. Branding also helps you to reinvent yourself in the marketplace. So why don’t individuals rebrand themselves? Do they know the importance of rebranding themselves in career transition? Let me share with […]

Still Working-Great, Update Your Resume!

Many people think that they should update their resume only when they are in career transition. But in today’s marketplace of the job search, it is important to keep your resume updated at all times, whether you are working or not. Noted below are the top 10 reasons why […]

How can I make money while looking for my next position?

Sometimes while one is in career transition, you may need to make money while you are waiting to land your dream job, or do something to keep yourself from going stir-crazy. How about looking into starting a home based business centered on your interests, hobbies, or perhaps a service […]