The free excerpt introduces you to RCS and our concept to Career Transition. We share our 90-day model approach that we use with our candidates to find job leads and eventually land a new position. Read the except and learn more about our approach!

The e-manual is separated into 2 series. The first series focuses on marketing and branding yourself appropriately for today’s marketplace. The second series focuses on how to sell you’re your brand in the marketplace. For more details about the e-manuals please read a description under each series.

Each manual includes interactive workbook activities and an opportunity to speak with our career consultant’s for further clarification and direction for your career.

We have services to fit your budget just call us to get started! Our clients include active and passive job seekers and our results have been the same – 80% placement within 90 Days!

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Do you know how to effectively market your talents to the next employer? How do you know that your strategy is effective? Our first series of the e-manual walks you through the process. We have workbook activities that you should complete for yourself and then follow-up with a Career Consultant for additional advice and career coaching. Purchase Series 1 and learn how the pros do it!

This e-manual focuses on proven marketing processes that help job seekers move through the job process faster than ever. These steps are some of key process that most job seekers never even think about but have been proven to help the candidates brand themselves appropriately for the job market.

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Do you know how to effectively sell yourself in the interview? Are you comfortable with negotiating for more when an offer is received?  If not, then purchase Series 2-Selling Yourself to learn how to do this well. Practice with a Career Consultant before the big day arrives.

This e-manual provides the secret marketing campaigns and sales strategies you need to know. These are the secrets that recruiters use to seek candidates and tips on closing and negotiating the sale for the job search. Onboarding correctly at each organization is key! But what does this really mean to the average job seeker? Learn these tips as well.

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Occupation Information

Industry Information

  • Vault – overviews of several industries, and what it’s like to work in them – www.vault.com

Company Information

Job Banks


General Information Sites

Green Websites and Job Lists

Federal Resources



RESOURCES for IT & Tech Professionals


RESOURCES for Sales & Marketing Professionals

  • The Essentials of Marketing Kit – Includes the Free Social Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest – Click http://bit.ly/1abjlVj
  • The Essentials of Sales Kit – Includes a Free Power Principles eBook – Click http://bit.ly/1abjsA0
  • The Essentials of Sales Kit – Includes a Free ABC of Sales eBook – Click http://bit.ly/ISLwwY
  • Manufacturing Executive Kit– Learn how to drive multi-channel original and aftermarket sales, create a lean, intelligent supply chain and outpace your competitors in business model agility. – Click http://bit.ly/1abiioi


RESOURCES for Finance Professionals

  • The Essentials of Finance – Free Kit – Click http://bit.ly/1kn7oSH
  • Financial Services Executive Kit – Learn how to manage the secure exchange of financial information between organizations, enable integration of all business processes and improve financial value chain visibility – Click http://bit.ly/KxVk1g