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Today, simply having a professional-looking resume isn’t enough to put you on the right career path. Truly being prepared for career transition means assessing your needs, your desired industry and positions, the marketplace itself, and, most importantly how to leverage and sell the unique combination of traits, talents, skills and experience that comes together to make you the ideal candidate.

Robinson Consulting Services addresses the whole person when helping our clients find the right job. It’s a detailed process that goes beyond resume creation to managing change. We also assess job personality, help you generate references and advise on closing the deal once an offer is made—and we can do it for anyone, on any career path, anywhere in the world.




Career Transition Services

Job seekers that use our services land quicker than those that look for positions on their own. Be part of the group that has successfully landed employment by using our proven 90-Day Approach Model. View our packages below or customize your own base on your budget.  All conversations are confidential so call and inquire today! First 10-minute consultation is free.

“Hiring Sharita was the best decision I could have made for 2011. The knowledge that I gained was truly invaluable. Sharita has the uncanny ability to ask the right questions and she helped me to repackage myself for the market place.”
AD Slaton, Individual client, 2011
“Our time spent with her was well worth every minute. Sharita has a knack for putting people at ease during stressful times and she helped us stay on track with our resumes. She is a great career coach and I would highly recommend her company to anyone whether you are in a transition period or just looking to expand your horizons.”
K. Jones, Individual client, 2011
“Sharita changed my life with her expertise in my career transitioning. She is so valuable in areas of networking, utilizing your time, how to land your dream job, listening and following up when you need her at the most crucial time of your job career, and gives highly effective techniques to make yourself successful.”
M. Aldi, Individual client, 2012
“I want to say ‘thank you’ for a great session. After being impacted by the restructuring decision and attending the session I feel better prepared to search for a job, and I also feel better prepared to perform the roles required by an HR Professional. Hopefully I will be able to maintain contact with you; I was not only impressed with the course content, but with you as a facilitator and an individual. Keep up the good work.”
Charlotte Wilson, Individual client, 2007
“Thank you so much for sharing valuable information with us during this transitional time. May many blessings come your way. Your information has made this job search process a lot easier to handle. Thanks you.”
Khalilah Mitchel, 2008
“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for a wonderful workshop. Your presentation style made learning so easy. You were inspiring and your material will be invaluable.”
Patty Davis, Financial Analyst Individual Client, 2007
“Thanks again for all your hard work and encouragement to me during my job search. It was wonderful to work with you, and I hope all your other candidates realize how wonderful you are!”
Shelly Johnston, Sales, 2006
“Sharita was very knowledgeable and was consistently able to provide applicable real-life examples to help understand material. She was entertaining, engaging, and very thorough in overall delivery.”
“Sharita’s career transition workshop was great. Her coaching techniques have helped me land jobs quicker. Great contacts and job leads.”
“I wanted to thank you again for putting together my resume. It was a very impressive one that helped me land a job with Connolly Consulting.”


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Service Packages:

Resume Package
  • Consultation Session 1 hr
  • Resume Renovation (5 hours)
  • Final Consultation 1 hr
Resume & Coaching Package #1
Resume & Coaching Package #2


Coaching Package #1
Coaching Package #2

Begin Your Career Transition

In today’s job market, job security is hard to come by and competition for positions is high. Change is a reality, and changing careers is stressful. Robinson Consulting Services can help make the transition from one job to another easier, successful, and even invigorating. To do this, we address the whole person with a full-cycle approach helping people realize, develop and market their personal skills, experiences and abilities, leverage contacts, create effective resumes and interviewing strategies, and deal effectively with change along the way.

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